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It's the last day of October, and that means several things to me. First, Lauren is officially three months old today. Wow. How the time has flown. I know that's cliche, but it's true. I feel like she is only a month old at the most, but she is growing like a little weed. She smiles all the time and even laughs when we're lucky, and now she's trying to talk too. No, she's not a baby genius. She just makes a lot of vocal sounds and you can tell she is trying to communicate. It's truly adorable, and we are loving it. Here she is just a couple of days ago.

Her dress has Minnie Mouse on it and says Miss Fabulous, which she is.

The last day of October also means that fall is over. Okay, that is false, but I don't care. To me, it is true. September and October are the fall months. November is winter, even if technically it is not winter for another several weeks. In fact, not until December 21st. Who determined the start dates of the seasons anyway? Somebody decided that each season was three months long. That person did not live in Manitoba. If I defined the seasons, this is what I would say:

Spring starts right about where they say, on March 20th. (I know it sometimes starts on March 21st, depending on the year, but my older sister was born on March 20th, so to us, her birthday is always the first day of spring.) Yes, some years it comes earlier, like this year, but March 20th is just about right. So we will leave that one alone. 

Summer starts on June 1st. That's right. That's when we start to feel some serious heat. I think it's perfectly reasonable to consider March, April and May to be spring months, but June is definitely summer. Summer includes all of June, all of July, and all of August. 

Fall starts on September 1st. No sooner, no later. Really, this year the change in climate was almost instant at the beginning of September. Fall should be divided into two sections. September is the first part of fall, where the leaves are rich golden hues and the sky is the deepest blue of the year. The temperatures are still warm and the bugs are all gone except for the flies. And there are millions of those. Ick. Anyway, the second part of fall starts about a week into October. Then there are no leaves left on the trees. The temperatures are getting cold. The nights are starting earlier and earlier. And it's rainy. And dark. And gloomy. And windy. 

Here's where my changes become really noticeable. Winter starts on November 1st. Period. Actually, in my memories it often started on October 31st. But that's beside the point. November is a winter month, and so winter starts as soon as November does. That gives us the following:

Spring: March 20th to May 31st. That's just under two and a half months long. 
Summer: June 1st to August 31st. That's exactly three months long. Hm. Not bad. 
Fall, part 1...the good part: September 1st to 30th. One month exactly.
Fall, part 2...the cold and ugly part: October 1st to 31st. One month exactly.
Winter: November 1st to March 19th. That's just under five months. And sometimes it's longer. But if I had to pick dates, those are the ones I would pick. 

And, being that tomorrow is the first day of winter, in my opinion, here's the final thought that has been triggered for me by today's date. We have not moved our house yet. That's right, we were going to move it in the middle of October, but we have not. I expressed some frustration about that in my last post. But on the bright side, there is a possibility that we might move next week. I am desperate to get this over with, but trying not to get my hopes up. Here is a picture of the new basement, waiting for the house to plop down on top of it.

It looks a little different today than it did in that picture, because the ground in front has been landscaped a little more. That's all pure sand, by the way. Softer than many beaches. It's quite amazing. Note all the trees with no leaves in the background.

And, just for fun, here's Radar. Just because he's cute. 

And now I'm off to feed Lauren. Jamie has a stomach bug today, so I'm trying not to think about that because I get very stressed when there is stomach illness around here. So far, he seems to be the only one not feeling well, and so far it has been mild. But I'm stressed all the same. I'm off for now.

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Allison said...

I concur on the seasons evaluation! We really do not have a nice fall for very long. It's funny - my dad's birthday is March 21st so for us that was always the first day of spring. What a cutie patootie little girl you have!!! Happy weekend - Allison