Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sick, sick, sick.

The day of my last post, Cody came home from school at the normal time in the afternoon, but he came home sick. Again! He had a fever of 102 F, and he was complaining of a headache and a sore throat. Immediately I suspected the dreaded strep throat. We seem to attract it like moths to a flame. I was supposed to take Lauren to the doctor the next morning for her two month appointment and vaccinations, and I had everything arranged. Cody was to be at school. Jamie and Micah were going to stay with my sister, and I was going to take Lauren in. I even booked myself an appointment right before hers so I could get some blood work done on myself. But now I was going to have to make a major change of plans.

And Lauren is now awake and wailing, so I must go. Long story short, Cody and Jamie both have strep throat. Lauren seems to have a cold as of yesterday. And now I think Micah has strep throat too, which means another trip to the doctor tomorrow. And believe me, our last trip was difficult. I had to take all four of them myself. We were there for two hours. Two kids with two throat swabs each. Another kid with an exam. A baby with a complete exam and vaccinations. And myself, trying to contain them and hold it together, and then getting blood taken myself. Wow. It was a long and exhausting process. But I did it. And even so, I hope I never have to again. I have to take care of Lauren now. Maybe I'll have a better post this week some time.

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