Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The more I do, the more I have left to do!

It's nearly 11 a.m. and I have accomplished more this morning than I sometimes do all day. Today is Tuesday, but it's really a Monday because yesterday was a holiday, thanks to our Thanksgiving long weekend. Lauren slept all night, yet again, which makes two straight weeks. I can't even express how thankful I am for that. (Ironically, as I typed that, she made a sound in her monitor, so I guess her nap is going to be a short one!)

This morning started as any other school morning does. My alarm went off at 6:55 a.m., well before I was ready to wake up. I dragged myself out of bed in the darkness. That's right, it's dark now even when Cody leaves for the school bus. I stumbled to the kitchen to make sure he was eating breakfast and then I began making his lunch. Cody eats the same lunch every day. A peanut butter and jam sandwich, a little packet of crackers and cheese, and a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar. Before you gasp in horror, I am related to people with severe peanut allergies, so I have made sure peanut butter is allowed. So far, it is, but I dread the day they will announce that they are becoming a nut free school. For one thing, if it's nut free, none of my kids will be allowed to attend. But aside from that, Cody doesn't eat anything other than his PB&J every day. (At school, that is. Here at home all he wants is Kraft Dinner. Sigh.)

I gathered all his school stuff together and put the granola bar and the crackers and cheese into his lunch kit. Then I laid out a piece of wax paper to wrap his sandwich in. Only we had no bread. None. All right, technically we had some crusts in the freezer. Those are the ones I save for using in cooking. Nobody actually eats them on their own. I wouldn't really even consider them toast-worthy. I kind of panicked. And then I was annoyed at Mike, who made us all these really great "pizza sandwiches" yesterday at lunch. Because he used all the bread. Doesn't he know that the day before a school day you always make sure you leave at least enough bread for Cody's lunch the next day? I guess I'm the only one who knows that rule. So technically, it was my fault. In fact, I was really annoyed at myself. Another mommy fail. So the only thing we could find was a hamburger bun in the freezer. I made a "jam bun", which is a bun with butter and jam on it, and wrapped it in the wax paper, tossing it into his lunch kit and shoving the whole thing in his bag not thirty seconds before he had to rush out the door to make it on time for the bus. Which he did. Mission accomplished.

The sandwich incident started a bit of a panic to have bread in the house, so I did something I have not done in months. Possibly even a whole year, as I don't recall doing it at all since I got pregnant with Lauren. I made buns. Dough, that is. The buns are all rising in the kitchen. I also folded and put away two baskets of laundry, and everyone knows that when you're a stay at home mom, the laundry, though clean, rarely makes it out of the basket before it gets worn again. And then I did the dishes. Phew! So now I think it's break time. Or at least, I thought it was. But Lauren has other ideas, and so I must feed her again. And when I'm done I'll have just enough time to feed the boys before I have to pack everyone up and drive Jamie to school. There is just never enough time in the day! Gotta run!

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