Friday, November 30, 2012

Country Living At Its Finest

Our house needs a lot of work still. The basement, in particular, is nowhere near where it needs to be to keep us warm this winter. Nothing is really sealed. There are plenty of spaces where cold air can seep in, or more accurately, heat can seep out. That's why it was a very good thing when Mike got the remaining gaps boarded up along the top of the basement end wall. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself that it was a miracle we didn't get any mice in the house. And then I thought, no, we have two cats in the house right now. If mice got in, they would take care of them. And then I thought, no, just because there are cats in the house, it doesn't mean mice can't get in. But Mike said he had seen no evidence of mice, so I figured we got very lucky.

I put it out of my mind after that. Until this morning. I put a basket of folded laundry down in the boys' room, to put it away, and momentarily came to my room. I don't know why I did it. I can't remember. What I do remember is seeing both of my cats, acting funny on the floor. And then I saw why. A tiny mouse was running for its life, just inches in front of them. They kept up with it no problem. I mean, it was only about an inch long. I had a momentary panic but then I realized the situation was under control. I had two cats, one of them giant and the other one a good hunter. They would have it in no time. Only they didn't. Tabu, the hunter of the two, was right on its tail, literally, but she let it go. She let it go behind my dresser.

There are two horrifying facts to consider about that particular location. One, the space is extremely small and nothing would be able to go in there after the mouse, especially seeing the dresser is far too heavy for me to move by myself. And two, if the mouse were to find itself trapped back there, it could easily climb into any one of our clothing drawers. That means that either Mike or I could have a mouse in our underwear drawers. If that isn't incentive to go commando, I don't know what is.

To my immense relief, the mouse did emerge from behind the dresser. It was nearly as panicked as I was, and it ducked behind my night table, both cats following closely behind. They couldn't get back there either, so they waited on either side. The mouse came out and went back in several times. Then it ran under my bed. I grabbed my iPhone to video this process. Like a complete idiot, I got down on my hands and knees and aimed my phone under the bed. The mouse chose that moment to exit, running directly at my face. Screaming ensued. And scrambling. There was an excited running commentary from both Jamie and Micah, who were sitting on the bed watching this entire process. It's a wonder the poor little mouse didn't die of a heart attack. I guess it ran right into Cricket under the bed, because she slowly came out after it.

I wish this story had an ending. I really do. But it doesn't, because the cats never found the mouse. That means it is somewhere in my room, perhaps even building a cozy little nest right up in my box springs. I can't begin to tell you how useless my cats are. Cricket is a great hunter of bugs, but she refuses to handle spiders. Useless. Spiders are the most crucial on the killing list. And Tabu is an excellent hunter, but in the house she loses her prey in the name of sport. Useless. Perhaps she wants to secure her future in this house by letting a few vermin get away, so we need hunters. I don't think it's going to work. After all, if she doesn't kill them anyway, what's the point?

I never thought I'd see the day that I would witness a scene like this one in the sanctity of my own bedroom. I really do not know how I will sleep tonight. I wish I had a picture of this mouse to share, but I was so busy--- THIS JUST IN: THE MOUSE JUST RAN PAST MY DRESSER. I REPEAT, IT JUST RAN PAST!!!!! I HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!


Allison said...

Oh dear, those cats are funny and well, you are right not all that useful in the mousing department. What about Radar? Jasper is an excellent mouser, he continually surprises me when he dives into the snow and comes up with a poor unsuspecting little mouse having a heart attack!

Good luck with the mousing!!!!

CAT said...

Allison, Radar is a good mouser too. Unfortunately, he is not allowed in our bedroom. haha. He does not have free run of the whole house, just certain areas. He cheats now and again while we are sleeping (as if we don't know!), but even if I invited him it is doubtful he'd come over here.

However, he is sleeping in the basement now since we moved our house. He has not ventured upstairs yet, but once we are set up a little more permanently maybe he will sleep in the kitchen once again. Maybe for now he could at least catch the ones that are in the basement, and I'm sure they are there!