Monday, November 19, 2012

Day Sixteen...The Start of a New Countdown

This week we are still out of our house, but I have started a countdown of sorts. On Friday I mentioned that we decided to put a well in. This is how my countdown is going to go:

 Monday (today) the drillers were supposed to come and do a test drill, or multiple test drills, in preparation to drill the well. Tuesday they are scheduled to come and put in the actual well. Wednesday, one of my brothers-in-law and another guy are scheduled to come and hook up the well to the house.

Now, here's the thing. If everything goes as planned, we should, in theory, be able to move back home on Wednesday night, or at least on Thursday. The problem is, delays happen. I have learned that yet again during this whole process. So my countdown will depend on how each step of the process goes. I have confirmation that the test drill went very well and they plan to be there tomorrow to put in the real well! So I can cross Monday off my list as a successful step toward moving home. Here's hoping Tuesday is equally successful. Incidentally, where they did their test drill, the water was only five feet under the ground. That means that by our old basement, it couldn't be more than a foot under the basement floor. Confirmation that we have made the right choice in moving the house.

That's the update for now. We are making it work here, and we are more relaxed than we were two weeks ago when this whole thing started, but all the same I am anxious to move home. In truth, it will be like moving into a new house. Not brand new, of course, seeing all the same colouring marks and dents and dings will be in the walls, and all our stuff will be in exactly the same places we left it. But it will feel like we have moved to a new place because things will be different. We will not be able to use our front door at first because there is no deck outside which means if you step out that door you're going to drop approximately nine feet to the ground. I am seriously wondering how we will boy-proof that door, but we will. We have to. Our parking will be different and we will have to go in and out the basement door and up the stairs every time we leave or enter the house. Our views will also be different. I am slightly nervous about this. What if I don't like it? What if I miss the old location?

Don't worry, that's all my own paranoia. I know in my head that I will like it. But I'm nervous all the same. I get like this with every huge life change that comes my way. Usually I get over it in a week or less. Just like coming here. It probably took me a whole week to settle in, emotionally speaking. I doubt it will take that long once we get back in our house.

Anyway, I must get ready to pick up my older two boys at school not long from now. Here's hoping I can cross another day off my countdown tomorrow!

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