Friday, November 16, 2012

Day Thirteen

I wish I could tell you we were safe and cozy in our house again, but that is not the case. On Friday, our house did get moved completely onto the basement. On top of that, our electrician came that very afternoon and hooked up our electricity and our furnace, so the house has lights and heat. Next on the agenda was the septic guy, who was scheduled to come on Monday or Tuesday. We settled in for another weekend, Mike still working non-stop to get everything else ready for us. At that time the house was still not completely closed in so the heat was not staying in the basement and it was below zero in there. We found out early this week that our septic guy was delayed but he promised to be here by the end of this week. So Mike got to work trying to set up our sand point.

Many people, myself included, are confused about what the sand point actually is so I looked up definitions online. I'm putting them in here so people know what I'm talking about. And so I know what I'm talking about, which is never a bad thing! This came from the following website:

"A sandpoint well or driven point well consists of a thick-walled pipe installed in ground with mostly sandy soil. The water lies no more than 40 feet underground, according to PlumbingHelp.

The end of the metal pipe has a sharp point and holes allowing water to flow into the pipe. The point is hammered into ground to a depth of 6 to 8 feet. A jet pump at the other end of the pipe brings up the water, according to Inspectapedia."

Now, according to what I have read in other places, the sand point well is not supposed to go deeper than 25 feet. Anyway, you get the idea. As it turns out, Mike worked his butt off all week, and last weekend too, and he has been completely unable to get the sand point functioning. Oh, and I should mention that the septic guy came yesterday, as promised, and finished all his work. So the only thing keeping us out of our home now is that there is no water flowing through the plumbing! It's very frustrating. So, this morning Mike called some drillers and by a miracle, they are coming Monday and Tuesday to put in a proper well for us. Provided all goes well (oh dear, that was an accidental pun and even I am rolling my eyes at myself), we should be able to move home by the end of next week. Any of you who pray, please keep praying that we will get an awesome well with plenty of water and clean for drinking too! 

I guess that's the update for now. The boys are still crazy and making me crazy, but today and yesterday have not been too horrible. We are still exhausted, but not as discouraged now that we have a solid plan for this well. I'm going to sign off for the moment and rest for a few minutes before Lauren wakes up. 

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