Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day Three

Today is our third day out of our house, but the second day of the moving process. I'm going to call it day three anyway, because to me our adventure started as soon as we left our place. I wish I had a positive update about the house, but I don't. Not really. Yesterday things did not go well. Apparently they are concerned about the traction or the firmness of the ground, so they asked us to haul even more gravel and pack it down. It also poured all afternoon, so they did not even lift the house onto the beams. It is sitting where it normally sits, and the decks are gone so now you need to use a ladder to get in and out. The new plan is for the gravel people to haul a bunch out today and another guy to spread it and pack it. Then the movers come back tomorrow. If they are happy with things, they will get the house on the beams and do the move tomorrow and Thursday. That doesn't sound too bad for a delay, I suppose. The problem is, we are now expecting freezing rain tomorrow. I am 99% sure that if that happens, they will not move the house tomorrow. And I'm not even sure they'd do it the next day either because the temperatures will remain below zero which means if there is freezing rain, it will not melt, and it will still be too slippery to move. I am praying that the freezing rain will not happen.

I am quite stressed out, though I'm trying not to be. Yesterday was so upsetting because Mike came here at lunch time and said the guys were not sure about this move. Honestly, I thought they were going to say we would have to wait a few months before they moved it, which would mean we would be uprooted for a very long time. (It's not like we can just go home. Everything is disassembled and the water and electricity are disconnected...etc.) But it looks like we will still move now, but it might take much longer than we hoped. The other thing is, we had our electrician booked for Thursday to reconnect us, and now that is impossible. He is horribly busy, so I don't know whether we'll be able to get him on short notice again, which means that once the house is moved, we might still not be able to move back in.

On top of all that, last night Jamie said he needed to barf. I immediately freaked out, as I always do. He did not throw up, and he did go to sleep, and has not said a word about it today. But I am stressed anyway. I feel weird in my stomach so I'm paranoid. To me, the stomach flu would be the worst thing that we could have when we are here. Not only are we away from home, but the rooms we are staying in are quite far from the bathroom, and it would be very ugly. I am praying it does not happen.

Today the sun is shining brightly, so it is at least cheerful in here. Everyone slept all night last night (except for me), so that was good too. And as we drove past our road today on the way to drop Cody off at school, we saw two gravel trucks turn onto our road, on their way to our house. That encouraged me. I hope to have a better update soon, but for now, that is all.

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