Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life as we know it.

A week has passed since we moved back home and I am happy to report that things are improving here. The stairs and furnace are still as they were, but I am getting used to them and no longer fear for my life every time I go up and down. I fixed the vacuum on Friday, which was an interesting event all on its own. The details shall remain unwritten, at least in here. Suffice it to say, I did at one point pass out and land draped over the vacuum. The bad news? My fixit job did not work after all. The good news? My vacuum and I are much closer now than before. Actually, yesterday I did another desperate fixing attempt and this time it seems like I got to the root of the problem. And so my carpet has been vacuumed properly. As usual, it already needs it again, but I guess I knew that would happen when I gave the boys popcorn for a snack this afternoon.

Yesterday our telephone man came and connected our land line. That was another small victory on the home front. It turns out one of our three portable phones has only enough battery power to last one minute, so I guess we are down to two now. But at least we have a somewhat reliable form of communication. We still have no internet, but I can piggyback my iPhone to do this post. I won't be posting pictures for quite a while though.

Our water is working much better too. I said last time that it was functioning as it should be, but I was wrong. We have had issues with poor flow, and even hot water with cold bursts...never a good thing in the shower. But we seem to have great volume now and the hot water tank is not spazzing out like it was. The basement wall that was slightly bowed has now been fixed, which means the straps attaching it to the upstairs are finally in place, the braces that filled half the basement have been removed and Mike also was able to board up the final holes in the end wall. Technically that means Tabu could be evicted once again, seeing she would no longer be able to just climb in one of the holes. Secretly, I'm kind of hoping we will not have to boot her out. So far she has not done anything bad. Well, other than the barf. But it isn't barf that worries me. Anyway, she is living like royalty, sleeping on our bed during the day and cuddling with Cricket. She is flaked out on the couch right now. I think she's relieved to finally be back inside.

Radar is a little disoriented himself. Never have I heard a dog "talk" as much as he is doing these days, and I'm not talking about barking. I don't even mean whining. Honestly, words can't describe it. It's like he is really talking in full sentences, and it's hilarious. I would love to get it on video, but I have not. For the last two nights we have invited him in to sleep in the basement. We don't want him messing around with our stairs the way they are, so he has a blanket down there to sleep on. He is thrilled. Aw. Aren't we just great dog owners? Actually, compassion was not our motive in letting him in. We just couldn't stand listening to him bark all night anymore. He has a really warm straw bale house outside, which he loves, so he is not suffering out there. But we were. And so we made a bed for him in the basement and he is quite elated.

Our TV is not even plugged in yet, as far as I know. It is very unusual for our TV to be off for this many days in a row. Okay, maybe more like unheard of. I kind of like it. And I kind of don't. Mixed feelings, I guess. I miss watching TV with Mike in the evenings, but he spends his evenings working on the basement. Tonight he went to town to buy more supplies for that very work. In my boredom, I have stooped to cleaning in the evenings. I don't find it overly satisfying, but it has paid off and I have a very, very clean kitchen. There is still some clutter in there, and a lot of clutter everywhere else, but for now there is nothing we can do about that. Once we can use the basement for storage space again, our upstairs will begin to look much better. For now, the kitchen looks wonderful and the rest of the house is just okay. And not okay. Our room is not really okay. It has the bulk of the boxes and stuff that we could not fit anywhere else. Lauren's room is similarly stacked. I'd love to fix it right away, but I just can't until Mike will let me put stuff downstairs once again.

I think that's the bulk of the update. Oh, and we are all sick. Except for Mike. Bad colds and coughs, but no fever so far, and nothing stomach related. I am so thankful for that. Here's hoping we are healthy soon and our house continues to make progress daily. I'm off for now.

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