Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Country Living...the update.

I am sorry to leave you hanging after the way that last post ended. I could have returned and given quite an update. In fact, I got much of the drama on video, and believe me, it is very entertaining. Given our current status, internet-wise, I would not be able to post a video, even if I wanted to. And I don’t. Because it’s embarrassing. 

The gist of the story is this. After my last post, when the little critter had the audacity to run right past me as I typed, Cricket got on the job. I don’t know where Tabu the Mighty Tigress disappeared to right when we needed her. But it didn’t matter because Cricket caught the mouse. That’s right, my lazy fly-hunting house cat was the one who got all the glory. Sort-of. You see, I guided her into our en suite bathroom with her little prize, knowing full well she would likely want to let it go, in the name of entertainment. I didn’t want her taking it under the bed or in my closet. True to my expectations, she released her little victim, which then ran behind the toilet, in a panic. Actually, it did several laps around the toilet in each direction. Cricket probably would have too, but it was a bit of a tight fit back there, so she went back and forth in front of it instead.

Soon, the mouse made a run for it, straight towards the doorway, where I was standing with Jamie. I had blocked a good portion of the doorway with a jumbo package of toilet paper and my plan worked. The mouse was trapped between the cat and the toilet paper. That is, until Jamie decided to help Cricket “find” it and lifted the toilet paper package out of the way. The mouse seized the opportunity and bolted out of the bathroom, under my cedar chest and back under the bed.

Now I have to confess here, we store things under our bed. Things like duffle bags (we don’t have actual suitcases in this family), and a large Dance Dance Revolution dance pad. So there are some nifty places to hide under there. I was not happy. But the mouse did not stay put.

The next half hour or so was a frenzy of a scurrying mouse, scrambling cat, screaming and laughing mother, and excited boys helping locate the escapee. It ran across the hall into the boys’ bedroom and behind their dresser. Cricket ran after it and jammed herself into the space behind the dresser too. Only she didn’t fit. She was wedged there, a little bewildered. Had she really eaten that much extra cat food while we were gone? Yes. Yes, she had. It was not her finest moment. She did not redeem herself either, when she did get out. She never caught the mouse again, and we eventually lost it, somewhere in the boys’ room.

I suppose that would not have been too bad except that we then had to go out. I think I had to drive Jamie to school, so we left, and I was gone over an hour by the time I got home with Micah and Lauren. We have not seen or heard any sign of a mouse since then. The cats were sleeping very contentedly on my bed when we got home. Mike figured that was a sure sign that they had indeed captured and done away with the little creature. He said if it was still on the loose the cats would have been acting jittery and looking for it. I would be lying if I said I was not a little jittery myself when I went to bed that night. But that was on Friday, and it is now Wednesday, so it looks like the rodent wars are over, or at least on a break. And that concludes (hopefully) this episode of Mouse Hunt.