Sunday, January 20, 2013

A few updates and a little news.

Posts in here continue to be infrequent. I am down again with another round of sickness, though I'm not sure what I'm dealing with this time. Influenza again? I don't know. My throat is so sore I can barely speak or swallow and I have had bad headaches and a low fever on and off. But I didn't come in here to post about sickness.

Actually, I don't even know what I intended to post about. That's how focused my brain is these days. There haven't been any crazy rodent incidents recently. Our water situation is resolved, or at least temporarily resolved. Even the boys have been less wild than I normally experience. I'm guessing this is due to having Mike home, despite him often running errands or working in the basement. Micah, who is now three and a half, has become obsessed with the boys' roller blades and has been wearing them every day for the last few days. I suppose the influence of his older brothers playing hockey is finally kicking in. He can't skate worth beans, but now he has decided it is fun. It's cute watching him spaz out on the skates, though I have a mild freakout every time he approaches the stairs. Jamie is also still into the rollerblades, but he is much, much faster. But you know, rollerblading boys are something I can handle. I don't even mind it, though I wish our space was a little bigger so they had more room to go.

Has my life as a stay-at-home mom become boring? Hahaha. No. I don't think that could ever happen. But just in case, I signed up to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Some of you who have known me for many years may be shocked by that. I have never been one to wear a ton of makeup. More often than not, I don't wear any at all. But I just love Mary Kay products and I am excited to give this a try. Maybe, just maybe I could contribute financially around here, even if it's just a little bit. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt me to get out of the house now and then too. I was putting on makeup the other day and Jamie (now five) and Micah just stood there staring like it was the most fascinating thing they had ever seen. Jamie said to me, "Mom, why are you drawing on your face?" It will be interesting to see whether face drawing becomes a trend around here. Nothing would surprise me in this house. Jamie has asked me before about makeup. "Mom, what is that stuff?" Me: "It's called makeup. It's just for girls." Jamie: "What's it for?" Me: "It's to make Mommy look less tired." Yep. That's what it has come down to.

My other exciting news? I have ordered new cloth diapers. I know, I know. You can barely contain your jealousy, while at the same time feeling incredibly happy for me. Oh wait, maybe most people don't consider cloth diapers exciting. Well, the old ones are getting a bit shabby. Actually, they are starting to leak, and that's not really what I'm looking for in a diaper. I was hovering on the brink of just giving up and doing disposables full time, but Mike convinced me we should invest some money in some more good diapers and keep on keeping on. So I got to order girly colours. The only downside is that I want our water tested before I start using them. No sense in ruining them if our water has issues. I want to test it and then install some kind of filtration system that will take out the minerals and also make our water drinkable. I will keep you posted on that situation.

And just briefly, I'll mention that our furnace is now in its proper place and connected to our duct work. Warm air is coming through the vents and we are another step closer to having a normal house. Yay! I'm hoping for more excitement this coming week. Or not. It's a toss-up.

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Songinthenight said...

How exciting about the Mary Kay news! That's great Cheryl. I'm happy to hear you are doing something that does not involve kids and should be therapeutic for you!