Thursday, January 10, 2013

And We're Up and Running!

I am back after a month long break from blogging. Since we moved back into our house in mid-November, we have not had internet except through our phones. I am not very patient with what I call "one-thumb-typing", so I have not done much emailing or any blogging, or anything else requiring extensive typing. But yesterday, we got our internet tower back up so here I am! This post will just be a quick update on where we are at.

Our house is still a work-in-progress, and will be for quite some time. That's okay. Some important changes have been made so it no longer has that dangerous feel that it had when we moved in. The furnace is still at the bottom of the stairs, but is no longer leaning on them. Maybe I updated that one already. I can't remember. Either way, the furnace is almost ready to be moved into its proper place because the duct work is almost in. Well, the first half, anyway. The return air has not been started yet, but that's okay. It's on the list.

Instead of boring you with the list, let me just tell you the big news. (No, I am not pregnant again! Phew!) Mike is taking some parental leave from work, so he is home with me for the next several weeks. He will use this time to enjoy Lauren while she is little, and the boys too, and also to continue moving forward with the basement stuff. I'm hoping this will be just what I need to get through the worst months of the year without the usual extreme difficulties. Just having Mike here means I have back-up at most times. Suddenly, medical appointments are not as complicated because I don't have to drag every child along. Driving Jamie to school is much easier because one of us can take him and the other kids do not need to get bundled and stuffed in the van...etc. So I am very thankful for this time.

Other than that, life is somewhat normal. Not completely, because we have a bit of a house-related dilemma going on right now. Two days ago, Mike "shocked the well". We have not had a well before, (a sand point is different), so this is new for both of us. Basically, our water was starting to smell like sulphur, or rotten eggs, if you prefer. Showering was...ironic. So Mike read that bacteria in the well can cause that smell. He went ahead and dumped bleach into the well to kill the bacteria. That's how you shock a well, apparently. (Actually, there are better instructions than that, but this is what he did.) What he did not anticipate was how much that would affect the water in the house. Bleach. The smell of chlorine. Sounds like a good thing, right? To me, it is. I love the smell of swimming pools. So clean and fresh. Not long after he shocked the well, Mike told me he just had a "swimming pool shower". I thought that sounded rather pleasant, and he said it was. But that was just the beginning.

Next thing, the boys were shouting that the water in the bathroom was orange. Huh? I checked it out, and guess what? They were right. The water was coming out rusty-coloured, and the bleach smell was over-powering. It was not the pleasant pool smell. It was much stronger and more bitter. So, I did what anyone would do when their water came out that colour. I turned the tap on full blast, thinking it would clear up. Nope. In fact, for the rest of that entire day, our water was rusty and stinky. Hm. Funny how when the water is having an issue it brings the whole day to a screeching halt. Suddenly I couldn't do laundry or dishes. The boys had hockey that night, and they went, but we couldn't bath them afterwards. Yuck! I had no clean pyjamas for Micah, so he had to wear sweats to bed. I still have not done their laundry. That's right, this is an ongoing dilemma, and that was on Tuesday. It is now Thursday, and I have not yet checked to see what is happening today. It has improved for sure, but whether I am able to risk doing laundry or not (not to mention showering!), I don't know.

So today, my goal is to catch up with my laundry and other cleaning, if at all possible. If not, I might have to go borrow somebody else's laundry machines! Now that we're back online, I will try to post much more often. We have had three dead rodents since the last post, and other fun times, so I'm sure there will be no shortage of material. For now, I'm off to check out the water situation!

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