Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sneezing and scurrying.

Thursday has arrived and has brought with it the promise of...well, a desperate need for bed rest. I saw a doctor on Monday and after examining me, he sat me down and looked me in the eye and said very seriously, "You are sick". I was speechless. Clearly he went to a top medical school. He did two throat swabs and sent me for blood work and chest x-rays. He also wanted to admit me to the hospital for dehydration, which I thought was a little over the top. I knew the issue was simply that I hadn't drank a single drop of liquid yet that day, nor had I eaten. I refused the IV, but had the rest of the tests done. When I saw him again with the results he informed me that I had bronchitis, but he refused to give me antibiotics. Is this normal? I have never been diagnosed with bronchitis and not had antibiotics before. He said it would be the wrong action. Why? Because I am young and strong and I can fight it off myself.

While I appreciate the compliment, here is the truth about that statement. My children are young and strong. I have not seen much of my own strength since my second baby was born back at the end of 2007. I am almost always exhausted, and in truth, not feeling terribly youthful these days, although I'm sure that would change if I could just get healthy for five minutes! And so here I sit in my bed, on my eighth day of this intense illness wondering just how long it's going to take my young strong body to fight this off. He did give me an antibiotic eye ointment for my extremely gross pink eye. Yes, I feel very attractive, which made it all the more ironic that I got my Mary Kay starter kit in the mail yesterday. It was fun to open it, even though I felt so sick.

But aside from all the sickness, today also has the potential for some adventure. You see, Cricket, my faithful and neurotic black and white kitty, is acting strangely. Okay, the truth is, she always acts weird. She's not a typical cat. But what I mean is, she has been skulking around on the floor beside my side of the bed. Last time she did this I wondered whether there was another rodent lurking about. There was. This morning I wondered the same thing. I have not seen anything yet, but I believe there is one in my room. She was really staring and poking around, and I heard movement. Mike came in and emptied my very large garbage can, which was overflowing with kleenex, thanks to this wonderful bug I have, and I said to him, "If you accidentally grab a mouse, will you freak out and drop it?" He said he might drop it, but he wouldn't freak out or yell or anything. I said, "So you won't scream like a little girl? Because that would be very funny. In fact, it would be good blogging material." He assured me he would not scream like a little girl. A minute later he jumped, bumping into me with the garbage can, and let out a little yell. I screamed like a little girl. And he laughed like a bratty boy. Some things never change.

And now Lauren is awake, so I must tend to her. She had me up in the night, which is unusual for her. It didn't much matter, seeing I wasn't sleeping anyway, but I hope she is not getting what I have. I'm off for now.


Songinthenight said...

Sorry to hear you are so sick...again! Though it sounds like you were a little frustrated at the doctor, it is true that too many antibiotics can be bad for your system and lead to being sick more often which is a bit of an irony. Did you ever take my suggestion of taking probiotics to help replenish the good bacteria? I found that they helped me for a time, along with copious amounts of vitamin D to strengthen my immune system after naively taking antibiotics for years as a teen to control my skin. I wish I could take change that part of my past! Anyway, prayers for a quick healing and lots of rest and of course, as always, sanity! :)

CAT said...

Kim, you are right about the antibiotics. I did some research online, (yes, I consulted Dr. Google), and it turns out antibiotics are rarely the solution for bronchitis. Hm. So strange that I have had it so many times in the past and always got antibiotics.

I do have the probiotics, but I always forget to take them! I also have Vitamin D, but I think it expired several years ago, so not sure whether it's safe to take. Maybe time to buy some fresh stuff. Thanks for your prayers!