Friday, February 15, 2013

Day Three of Single Motherhood

We made it through Valentine's Day! It was not without incident, but today is February 15th, so I know  we somehow survived. The day was long, and I worked harder than I've worked in a long time. My only breaks were when I was feeding Lauren and when I showered. In the morning I decided it would be possible to bake my Valentine's cookies. After all, I made the dough the night before. So I got my counter all cleaned off and ready to go, preheated the oven, and looked for my beautiful, copper, heart-shaped cookie cutter. Hm. Where did that thing go, anyway? I searched high and low. And I mean that literally. I had to use a chair to search the highest kitchen cupboards. I also searched the ones on floor level. Nothing. Oh the irony. Mike had moved the cookie cutter somewhere and I was running out of time. You see, I had a very limited window of opportunity while Lauren was awake and happy. I spent more than half an hour looking for the cutter. I did not find it. That means it is hidden in a storage shed somewhere in our yard. I decided it was just too bad for Mike. No cookies this year. 

But then I felt bad for my kids. Poor things didn't have any Valentine's treats. That was sarcastic. In truth, the two oldest did get treats at school. But Micah didn't, and I did feel genuinely sorry for him, watching his brothers go through all their exciting loot while he had nothing. So I got a hold of my mother-in-law, who lives nearby, and she not only lent me some heart-shaped cookie cutters, she also sent some Valentine's and treats along for the boys. Phew! She saved the day. Actually, by then I had decided to bake a heart-shaped brownie, which came out raw after the full amount of time in the oven. But I'm happy to report, the brownie and the mini heart-shaped brownie turned out nicely. I also managed to bake all the cookies, though for once I did a normal batch instead of doubling it, so I only baked 52 cookies instead of over 100. 

When it came time to ice all these goodies, I returned to the kitchen where I had left a margarine square out on the counter to soften. This is what it looked like when I got there:

Yes, those are human teeth marks. It doesn't show in the picture, but there was reddish-pink juice of some kind on there too. It was immediately obvious to me that the teeth belonged to Micah, who is sick, so I deemed the whole square to be unsalvageable. I got some more out and continued on. The cookies turned out great. Here they are:

I don't know how, but I was able to get my kids fed, and all three boys were bathed and settled in bed by 7 p.m. I did tell them they were allowed to talk quietly, but they were to stay in bed during my "party". I fed Lauren after that, and right when I finished, the girls arrived. Only two of them, though. The other two were unable to come. Here is a picture of my table, as I was setting up for the evening:

And just for fun, my fancy lipstick caddy, filled with several NouriShine Plus Lip Glosses, and one True Dimensions Lipstick:

Maybe it comes from being in a house full of boys and only one girl (me) for a long time, but my boys are fascinated with makeup...especially lipstick. They insisted on helping me fill the caddy with my display colours, which they helped choose. Cody was especially excited about the extremely vivid red one, and kept asking from his bed whether anyone was wearing the red lipstick yet. After the setting up was nearly done, the boys wanted to pose for a picture in front of the lipsticks. Here they are:

All in all, my day was a success. It was a late evening, and I could not sleep once I finally got to bed. My feet and legs were aching, and it felt kind of good. But by 1 a.m. I was desperate for sleep, and that's when Lauren woke up crying. So, not a great night. But Micah was not up at all, and I am thankful for that. 

Now all I have to do is make it through today. So far, so good. I dragged my mostly unconscious body out of bed and got Cody ready for school and safely on the bus. Next major item is to feed Jamie and Micah early so I can bundle all three of them up and drive to the school to drop Jamie off. After that, my biggest challenge looms ahead. I have to feed them all and then I have to take them to hockey. They have a game tonight, and it's only in town, seven minutes away, but here's where it gets difficult. First, I will have to get all four of them there. That in itself is a very difficult task. Second, it means carrying Lauren in her car seat (she is sixteen pounds, and I don't know what the seat weighs, but it's awkward) and her diaper bag, plus two hockey bags full of equipment, while keeping three boys in check. That sounds daunting. Then, I have to dress the two boys in their equipment. Do you know how much equipment there is when playing hockey?? There are pads for every major joint and important body part, straps all over the place, holding things up, holding things together, holding things on...there are jerseys and leg warmers (okay, okay boys, I know they are called socks), and helmets with mouth guards, and skates that the Incredible Hulk would find difficult to lace up tight enough. And all this equipment has to go on in a particular order. Guess who has no idea what that order is? Moi. And once we make it through that nightmare and they are on the ice, I'm left with a bored and overtired three year old and a baby that needs to nurse and I hate nursing in public. There is no good place to do it at that rink either. 

My saving grace was to be that Mike was going to make it back by the time the game got started, so if I needed to leave after that I could, or if I stayed I would at least have backup. But I just got a call from him, and he might not come back. He might stay there for the evening, which would mean an arrival time of probably about 1 a.m. Hello to another sleepless night for me. 

So that is the dramatic ending to my "single motherhood" for this go-round. I sincerely hope I can amaze you (and myself) with tales of my excellence in dealing with all of this, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. For now, I might grab a very short rest before the next whirlwind begins.

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Heidi said...

Hahaha - sounds like fun - putting hockey equipment on the boys. I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job! Maybe you should get a brother-in-law to help you out! =) And I love that you sell Mary Kay - perfect for a Mom with lots of boys. Lauren will love it someday I'm sure! You are amazing!