Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teddy Has a Bad Day

Meet Teddy Bear:

He's cute. He is cuddly. He is loved. He has a strong sense of belonging. Every night, he sleeps in a bed with a small boy that keeps him warm. 

See how happy he looks? His smile is bigger than hers:

But he has a secret too. His smile is also painted on...or should I say, sewn on. He smiles because he can't help it, whether he is being hugged tenderly, or whether he is suffering terrible monstrosities. A Teddy Bear's life sounds ideal, for a toy, but think about it: his initials are T.B. That alone can't be good. Let's take a closer look at Teddy. Here he is having a nap on his boy's bed. Doesn't he look peaceful?

Wait, what is that mark just to the right of where his belly button should be? (If Teddy Bear's had belly buttons, which of course, they do not.) Let's zoom in on that mark, shall we?

Hm. What is that? Let me adjust it a little so it is clearer. Here we go:

Is that a hole? 

Oh yes, that is definitely a hole. And what you may not be able to see in the picture is the absolute flawlessness of that hole. Very straight, clean edges. Do you know what that means? This is not a rip or a tear. This was done with scissors. On purpose. And that was before Teddy Bear's bad day. 

Teddy was already hurting, both physically and emotionally, from the wound inflicted on him. He had been tossed aside on the floor in his boy's room and was laying there, smiling, when his boy ran towards him on his way to the bathroom to deal with an apparent emergency. Only his boy didn't make it. In fact, not only did the boy pee his pants, but he did it right over top of Teddy. On Teddy. 

Teddy wondered whether anything could be worse than being peed on. He didn't have much life experience, so he wasn't sure. (Us moms have a lot of life experience. We can think of a few things that are significantly worse than being peed on. Though being peed on is unarguably bad.) Teddy discovered a new horror that day. The washing machine.

Teddy was still smiling, but I'm thinking he was getting concerned. He was still looking at me with some hope in his eyes. 

See how he was still keeping his head near the top? I don't think he quite believed what was coming.

Here, he was starting to believe. In fact, I think he may have been crying. I don't see his smile anymore.

And finally, I think he is actually accusing me in this one. 

Indeed, I felt cruel, but which is worse? Temporarily drowning in a dark enclosed space when you have no lungs anyway, or being permanently defiled with pee? This was definitely the lesser of two evils. After all, nobody ever heard of Winnie the Pee.

As it would turn out, Teddy survived the washing machine, and the dryer. In fact, he came out rather fluffy and plump looking, and his guts didn't even escape out the hole in his stomach. Lucky bear. So now he is back to himself, almost as good as new. (Except for the incision, of course. I have not sewn that together yet, even though I need to sew a rabbit's ear back on too.) 

Teddy is still asking himself why these terrible things happened to him. In life, sometimes terrible things happen, and sometimes there is no reason, or at least no reason we can comprehend. This is not the case for Teddy. Well, it sort of is. He doesn't know why these things happened to him, but I do. It's unfair, but I know exactly why. Do you want in on the secret? Let me repost the picture of Teddy's face and see if you can figure it out.

Did you get it? I'll give you a hint. It has to do with colour. Yes, he's brown. Most teddy bears are, though not all. No, it's not the colour of his fur that has made him a victim. It's the colour of the ribbon he is wearing around his neck. Perhaps it looks black in the picture, but it is in fact blue. And who gets bears with blue ribbons around their necks? Boys. Poor Teddy has no idea that had there been a pink ribbon tied around his neck, he likely would have been given to a little girl, and he would have never endured the kind of abuse he is suffering here. Sure, he may have gotten some lipstick painted on his mouth, accentuating his smile. And maybe he would have had to wear the odd dress. But his odds would have been better of surviving, even if he had to endure a bit of humiliation. But Teddy doesn't know this, and he never will. Unless Lauren gets a bear with a pink bow. Then we will have some explaining to do.

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