Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life as Usual

Has it been over two weeks since my last post? Oops! Have I been terribly busy? Not any more than usual. I have been somewhat sick, though, and dealing with typical mom stuff.

My last post I sent Jamie off for his first full day of Junior Kindergarten, feeling tentative, but acting anyway. That afternoon, he arrived home crying hysterically, screaming in pain with a headache. Three times he almost threw up, though thankfully he never did. I gave him Tylenol and sent him to bed. A few hours later he was normal again. I suspect he had a migraine, of all things. That incident led me to back off the school thing once again and Jamie was then back to only half days, every second day.

That setback was discouraging, and it also made my life considerably more difficult. I had an appointment the next morning to see my ophthalmologist for my ongoing eye issues, and I had to take three out of four of my kids. The Dynamic Duo accompanied me, as did Lauren. The morning was a complete disaster. I forgot Lauren's soother, which was mistake number one. But despite that error, Lauren was the best behaved child I had at that office. It was so disastrous, I don't even want to describe it, as it had me in tears and I'd rather not relive the experience.

This week, I decided that it was time to attempt full days again for Jamie, and so far it is going all right. He is exhausted when he gets home, but let's face it, he is exhausted by that time every day anyway. I must say, as selfish as this is, it's really nice for me to have a full day off of the Dynamic Duo every second day. Lauren has her own level of neediness, but it's all innocent and cute, so somehow it is easier to deal with. And Micah without Jamie is also much tamer, even if he is three and a half!

And now, I have a child bawling in the background because his bath wasn't long enough. I think he might be done for the day. Looks like I have to go.

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