Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Temporary Insanity?

I am having a moment right now that can only be described as temporary insanity. At least, I hope it's temporary. Cody and Jamie are at school, and Lauren is down for a nap. Normally, that would mean only Micah is around to entertain and keep out of trouble. But guess what? Micah is sleeping. Yay for me! Right? That's where the insanity comes in. I am on the verge of waking him up. Micah never naps, so the fact that he put himself down for a nap about half an hour ago has me worried. Is he sick? It's lunch time. Now I feel guilty too. Shouldn't I make lunch for him and wake him up? How dare I have complete silence in this house...right? Now I have to agonize over whether to wake him up or not.

And that is the absolute irony of motherhood. Here I am, day after day, desperate for a little quiet time, a little solitude, and when I finally get it, I feel tense and guilty and I am completely unable to enjoy it. Sigh. I'm off to do some dishes before Micah wakes up, or before I break down and wake him up myself.

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