Monday, July 15, 2013

Update on the summer so far.

Here we are, halfway through July and I am slacking. I suppose I have neglected the blog a little, because, for once, I have been doing a little galavanting. I am happy to report that despite the intense urge to give up on our little "holiday weekend" in my last post, we stuck it out for a second night and we had a great time. We employed a strategy with the boys, to push them to their very limits all day in hopes they would crash at bedtime. It worked. So the second night in the hotel was tolerable, even pleasant. Because it was two weeks ago, I now can't remember how Lauren did. I think she may have been up once in the early morning, and woke Cody up, but other than that, we all slept. The most fun was had in the pool. I wish I had some good pictures to share. I have a few, but nothing awesome, which is disappointing.

Before we went to the hotel, we stopped in at my very dear friend's new home, and she has a pool in her back yard. We enjoyed a swim before we went to the hotel, and we all had a great time.

Above is Jamie, enjoying the beautiful water.

Here is Cody.

And Lauren. I was worried she might be afraid of the water like Cody was when he was a baby, but she loved it and was not one bit afraid. She was also super adorable in her tiny bathing suit and her very big, very floppy hat, which protected her from the sun quite nicely.

The hotel had what they called a "water park", which was maybe a stretch, but it was a nice setup. They have a large pool and a water slide, along with a waterfall and a fountain, and a kiddie pool that is as warm as a very nice bath. 

Above: Cody in the hotel pool.

Cody coming out of the water slide. He finally got brave enough to try it on his own and then there was no stopping him. All he did was go down the slide over and over again!

Micah showed us his version of bravado. He jumped into the kiddie pool, which was approximately one foot deep. Haha. Braver than Cody was at that age, anyway.

Here is Jamie coming out the bottom of the slide. He loved it too. 

Lauren loved the kiddie pool best. She used her little flotation device as a "walker", and ran circles around the perimeter of that pool. The only trouble was, the water was not quite deep enough and she could almost climb out of her ring. 

She also liked being in the big pool, and it was a little easier to keep her contained in there too. 

All in all, we had a wonderful time. I realized that I rarely actually play with my boys, so being there in the pool with them was super fun. Before we had kids, Mike was not really that much into swimming, so if we ever stayed at a hotel, he was not that interested. Me, I love swimming, but I despise bathing suits, and I often opt out for that reason. This time, we were all in the pool together, and every one of us was having fun. An added bonus was that twice when we went, there was nobody else in the pool, even though we swam for an hour at a time. It was so wonderful. Good memories for the boys and for us. Not so much for Lauren, but at least we have the pics to show her. We also had a great time visiting my parents, my very special aunt, who is from far away so we rarely see her, and my grandma, who turned 99. I think I mentioned that in my other post. Anyway, that part was also really nice. 

We were happy to start our summer off in such a positive way. Since then...well...haha. We have not done much in the way of summer activities. We have been busy, but here is what our family looks like to me:

You've seen these. You pull one outer ball away from the group and release it, and what happens? The ball at the opposite end bounces away, then swings back in, bouncing the first ball away again. There are six balls in this picture. I am at one end. Mike is at the other. Our four kids are in the middle. Our summer goes like this: I go out and leave Mike with the kids. I come home and Mike immediately leaves and I am left with all of the kids. It seems that is how we roll now. If something needs to get done, one person leaves, the other stays with the crew. If somebody wants to have fun, they go alone. Not necessarily to be alone, but not with each other. I thought about that today as I took off and had another riding session with Maybelline. It went well, by the way, and I will be doing more of that this week. When I got home, Mike left for town. He got back on time for a late supper. Tomorrow, I hope to go riding again, but Mike also has plans, so we will see. This is the summer. I think the balls at each end of the row in the picture above are both desperate to bounce away and do their own thing, and the poor ones in the middle are just bewildered, wondering "When do I get to bounce?" The answer? I don't know. The summer is slipping away, so hopefully we will do more family activities soon. We are mainly focused on getting the basement done and getting the deck done. I have other goals, but mine are no closer to being fulfilled than the house ones. 

Anyway, time has slipped away and it is now bath time for the boys, so I must sign off. Hopefully I will have some great updates soon, particularly on the house. Stay safe everyone. It seems to be tornado season these days.

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