Monday, September 23, 2013

A Salamander Day

Today is a salamander day. It's overcast, and rainy, and not really outdoor weather. This morning, I took Jamie and Micah and Lauren with me to get the mail from our post office. When we got there, I nearly ran over a salamander crossing the road. So I did what any mother of boys would do. I pulled over to catch it. I didn't want to touch it, because I have heard they carry salmonella. Listen here, that's just a rumour. I actually have no idea whether that is true or not. If you want to know, you will have to look it up for yourself. Either way, though, they are slimy, and I had no desire to have it wriggling around in my hand. So I grabbed an empty fast food bag from the van. (What? Don't pretend you don't have empty fast food bags in your van. They make excellent garbage bags. And animal traps.)

I went to the center of the road and stepped in front of the salamander. It charged me. Have you ever seen a lizard run? I know salamanders are not technically lizards, but that's not the point. If you've seen the movie The Freshman, please refer to the scene where the Komodo Dragon gets loose and runs through a shopping mall. It's a funny sight, but it elicits screaming, which the salamander also accomplished. I put the bag down in front of it, and thankfully, it ran right in. I closed the top of the bag and ran back to the van. (Good thing we get our mail in a ghost town, or somebody may have actually witnessed this scene.)

The boys were thrilled. What could be better than getting a salamander in a Wendy's bag? Nothing comes to mind. All the way home, they took turns holding the bag and laughing like crazy when the poor thing tried to climb out. They named it Climby Salamander.

Despite the drizzle, they spent the remainder of the morning outside with Climby, who made a valiant effort to escape with an impressive lizard run. But he failed. I got him on video, but I don't know how to post it on here. Climby had a good morning with the boys, but an even better lunch hour, when Micah finally made the mistake of putting him down near a wood pile. They will never find him now. I'm sad for them, but glad for Climby, whose name changed at some point to Sally. I had hoped he would live to see another day, and it seems he will.

When I started this post, about fifteen minutes ago, it was pouring outside, and my Dynamic Duo were still out there, no jackets, no rubber boots. I could hear them laughing. They are in now, drying off and changing their clothes for the second time today. I am told that Climby/Sally never reappeared, but they did find a snake in the round pen. Sadly, they couldn't catch the snake. (Phew!) And now, Lauren is sleeping and the boys are done with their outdoor play, so I get to spend the next two hours shushing them and trying desperately to keep her asleep.

I love salamander days. I only wish this one had been a full salamander day instead of just a salamander morning.

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