Friday, October 11, 2013

The Dreaded Day

This is the kind of day I dread. In fact, I have been dreading this day for longer than I can calculate, though I suspect it has been well over a year. This morning, Jamie threw up. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an extreme (and irrational) fear of throwing up, and of my kids getting stomach bugs.   When I was pregnant with Lauren, my fear was especially big, because I was so afraid of losing her. We were exposed to many stomach bugs, and one in particular was extremely bad. But by some miracle, I didn't get sick. In fact, none of us did. And now, it has finally caught up to us. Oddly, I am not in a state of panic, like I normally would be under these circumstances. I truly hope and pray that this will not spread to the rest of the family. I am particularly worried about Lauren, being so small still, and about myself, because if I get sick I can't take care of Lauren. (The boys would survive a day with me in bed, though they would likely wreck the house.)

To add to the mood, it is storming outside. Lightning, loud thunder, and torrential downpours. It is dark outside, and I have all the lights on in here. Still, my mood is surprisingly upbeat. This makes me very thankful. It does look like we will be missing our family Thanksgiving, though, which is disappointing. At least it is Friday, so Mike will be home later and I don't have to face a week of this by myself. Micah is insisting on playing with Jamie in their room, so he is somewhat doomed. Jamie is obviously not feeling too terrible. Another plus.

If not for the sickness, I would actually be enjoying this gloomy weather quite thoroughly. I am loving the thunder. And it feels nice and cozy in the house. Hopefully we will not lose power today. I don't have much else to update in here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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