Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things I Do When My Kids Are Not Home

My boys are all at school this afternoon, and Lauren is sleeping. On days like this, I am faced with deciding between about a million options for how to spend my time. 1 - There's the obvious: clean the house. Yes, that would be a good one, but it's so quiet in here, I just don't want to run the vacuum! 2 - I could do some writing. Sometimes I do, and especially lately. I have written about three chapters in my book this month, and that is pretty impressive for me. (Or is that two? I can't even remember.) 3 - I could work out. Ah, yes. The ever elusive workout. For a while, I was doing that every afternoon while Lauren napped. Then I hurt my back and got out of the habit for a week, and since then I have not gotten it together again. 4 - I could nap. Napping is good. Napping is very good, but then when the boys get home I have not accomplished anything, and it's so hard to wake up.

Today, I did something I never do during the day. I made my lunch after I put Lauren down, and I watched Netflix. (GASP!!!) Just one show, but still. Not a proud house-mom moment for me. That was my 45 minute break today. Then I did a second thing I have never done before. I decided to try this solution that is circulating on Facebook and various other places online, for melting the ice off your sidewalk. The recipe is 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn dish detergent (sick, now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I used 1 teaspoon. Wait, maybe the recipe called for one teaspoon...), 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 8 cups of hot water. I decided to go the extra mile and boil the water. I read many reviews online that said this would not work, because it WOULD refreeze, despite the claims that it doesn't. Well, I tried it, and here are my conclusions so far:

1 - The ice on our deck is way too thick for this method to be effective. I poured the pot out over one bad corner of ice, and the top portion did get slushy enough for me to scrape it off with a giant shovel, but there is still at least an inch of ice under it, and I just don't know how many pots of boiling water/detergent/alcohol it would take to melt it down to the wood.

2 - Our deck is way too big for this method. Seriously, our deck is over 1000 square feet, which is crazy, but anyway I do not have time to get to that much ice. Of course, the ice is only really bad in certain parts, but those are the spots we need to walk on.

I guess it's safe to say, that project was a bust. If anyone else has tried it, let me know what your success/failure level was.

After that, my exciting afternoon consisted of doing dishes, (and I'm happy to say the stench in our dishwasher, though not completely gone, is improving daily), sweeping the disastrous kitchen floor, and trying to scrape the glued-on rice krispie mess from the top of the table. Yesterday the boys dumped mass amounts of Rice Krispies on the table and poured water over them. It took several hours before I was able to force them to clean up the mess, but even still they couldn't get all of it off, hence the job was deferred to me. Now, I have soaking wet paper towels plastered all over the table in hopes the cereal will get soggy enough to wipe off. Good times.

And now, I have approximately between two and twelve minutes before my three boys walk in the door and the quiet turns back to chaos, so I am going to try to accomplish a couple more chores first. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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