Thursday, December 26, 2013

It Has Happened Again.

Have I mentioned before how I feel about Christmas? Don't worry, that was a rhetorical question. I know I have expressed multiple times how little joy there is left in this season for me. I was naive enough this year to believe it might be different. Of course, I was wrong. Two days ago was our Christmas with Mike's family. Yesterday, we had a nice quiet day here at home with our own family. I was even thinking it was one of the nicest ones we have had. My whole family was set to come here this morning for our Christmas celebration. Only at 1 a.m., Cody started throwing up. Sadly, I had not even been able to fall asleep yet at that point. Cody had me up anywhere from every half hour to every fifteen minutes, sometimes more frequently, all night. At one point, I may have gotten 45 minutes of sleep. Then, some time just before 7 a.m., Micah threw up in his bed. I cancelled Christmas. No, not true. I cancelled Christmas for us. Just for this family, who miss Christmas with my family every single year. Jamie has tummy pain, and Lauren's crib had barf in it this morning. And now Mike has it. So in a sense, I'm the last woman standing. If I get it, who will take care of everyone? Who will take care of me? I am running on almost zero sleep. My hands look like elephant skin from all the washing with super hot water and slathering on the hand sanitizer. I still have another mound of laundry to do. Meanwhile, we were supposed to be hosting Christmas for the first time in about six or seven years, and I was in charge of the main course. I have not had a crumb of food today. I'm too scared to eat. I was already emotionally and physically spent from this month of playing nurse after Mike's surgery, as well as trying to run this household singlehandedly. Now, I am simply done. Whether I get it or not, stomach illness has once again destroyed my Christmas, and has been timed perfectly to prevent us from ever celebrating with my family. I truly hate this time of year. I would much rather celebrate the birth of Jesus without all the parties, concerts, buffets, gatherings, presents, trees, financial drain, and complete burnout. I had hoped perhaps my reign as a modern day Scrooge was coming to an end this year, but now it's back in force. If I were single, I would simply boycott Christmas every year from now on. (On the other hand, if I were single, this likely wouldn't happen to me every year.) When will my family ever be able to enjoy Christmas? I want to run away. I want to get the heck out of here. But obviously, I can't. I have to sit here and wait to see whether this "bug", or food poisoning, or whatever it is, will hit me too, and how long it will last in all of us. Sorry for the depressing post, but this is my sad reality right now. I suspect there are other parents who can relate to this saga. However, I wonder how many of them time it exactly right so that the barfing always starts in the wee hours of the morning that we are to see my family. Lauren is coughing in the monitor. I guess I better go see whether I have more laundry to do.

Signing out,
Involuntary Scrooge

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