Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Cold Weather Predicament

Our deep freeze rages on, and this morning winter brought on a new problem for our family. In all fairness, the weather is not the only factor at play in our current situation. It all started when Mike had his surgery. You see, he was unable to drive our tractor at that time, and as such, when snow came down, we had to rely on other people to bail us out, so to speak. I am happy to report that Mike is now capable of operating the tractor. The problem is, apparently it is broken, so his first (and only) time driving the tractor, he drove it straight to the farm, and there it has remained awaiting parts which are on order. He drove it there last Friday, I think. Whatever day it was, it was the day we were expecting a terrible winter storm. Indeed, the weather got ugly, and we got quite a bit of snow, which left us unplowed, with no tractor. 

Mike's dad and brother both offered to clear our driveway for us, but Mike didn't think we would need it. He figured we'd make it out okay until we got the tractor back, as long as it didn't snow. I was nervous about this, because I have been stuck with the van more than once, but Mike drove it in and out of here a few times with no problems. But the Subaru is parked at the bottom of our ridge, and as far as I can tell, the snow is worse down there. Mike made it out no problem yesterday, to drive the kids to the bus and then go to work. I asked him about it later and he said it was "no problem" and that the Subaru could "make it through anything". It has all wheel drive, you know. I didn't say anything, but I knew no all-wheel-drive vehicle could make it through everything

This morning, Mike went outside with Jamie and Cody to drive them to the bus. They left five minutes before the bus would get here, so I was more relaxed than I normally am when I'm watching out my bedroom window to make sure the boys don't miss the bus. I watched anyway, and minutes passed with no sign of Mike or the Subaru. So I ran to the living room window and looked out. Sure enough, the Subaru was stuck in the snow, quite badly. I was wearing my pyjamas, which was quite unfortunate, seeing the bottoms are capri-length, and I had no time to change. I threw on my ugly clunky winter boots, my jacket, my mitts and a toque, (no time for a scarf), and ran onto the deck and down the stairs, prepared to push them out of the snow bank. But when I got to the bottom, Mike told me to go start the van instead. We were down to less than two minutes to get to the bus. 

The poor van was not plugged in, as I was not supposed to need it until lunch time. I ran up the snowy hill in my boots, with my bare legs showing at the bottom of my capri pants, and fired up the van. It was NOT happy about starting. But it started. The boys ran over and climbed inside, fighting all the way. (Have I mentioned how pleasant mornings are around here?) The van barely chugged down the driveway but we made it to the bus just after it pulled up to wait for the boys. 

I drove it back home, expecting to push Mike out of the snow, but he said it was too badly stuck so he took the van to work. As a result, I have no vehicle today, and Micah had to stay home from school this afternoon. How ridiculous. The irony is, we don't even have a tractor to pull the Subaru out. Mike said we will get it out later, but I don't know what his plan is. I would like to try pushing it to see whether we can get it out without calling somebody for help. It takes a long time to drive a tractor over here and it is freezing cold out, so I don't want to ask anyone to do that. Right now, our windchill is sitting at -38 C, which is warm compared to earlier this week, but still dangerously cold. Ick. 

The amazing news is that tomorrow we will break free of these ridiculously cold temperatures and usher in at least a few days of mild weather, up in the single digits. I can't wait. But for today, I have an extra kid at home this afternoon. Happily, he is very sweet and is playing nicely by himself as Lauren naps. Today I have been enjoying the sweetest moments of motherhood, and I am thankful. 

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