Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another round of single motherhood.

Yep, I'm on my own with all four kids, and I wish I could say it's going well. Mike is out of town, and even though he didn't technically leave until after work today, I was still the only parent here all day, so this round will be a full three days on my own. Today, I got the van stuck in a snow bank. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, that happened before Mike had finished work for the day, so he dropped in here briefly and pulled the van out with the tractor before grabbing his overnight bag and leaving.

I don't like it when Mike leaves. I've always been kind of a wimp that way. The truth is, I don't mind alone time. In fact, I'm kind of excited about my evenings, because I am right at the end of the book I'm writing and I really want to get it done. But I struggle with fear when Mike is travelling, particularly in the winter. Today, we are getting hit with a winter storm. The timing is bad, and not just because Mike had to travel through some of it. Now I'm here on my own and I don't know how to run the tractor, so if we get a ton of snow (we have a snowfall warning in effect right now), I can't clear the driveway. I don't want to get stuck again. Part of me would love to just say, "Oh well. I'll just stay home and not bother taking Micah to school on Friday." (The other two take the bus, so that's not an issue.) But Friday evening, Cody and Jamie have a hockey game. I have to take all four kids to the rink and get two of them in their hockey equipment on time for the start of the game. Then I have to work at the door. I was supposed to work that whole time, but because Mike will not be there to dress them, someone is covering for me for the first part.

So I'm a little stressed about my time alone. Today, not only did I get the van stuck, but one of the kids also plugged the toilet, and I'm not very good with a plunger. Now, I'm enjoying the quiet in the house, as everyone is sleeping (even the pets) except for me. But outside the wind is howling, and not long ago I had to run out and get the garbage cans, which were blowing all over the deck, sounding like thunder.

This is a very disjointed post, but I'm going to get back to my other writing now. Perhaps I will update tomorrow. Here's hoping the next two days are smooth sailing. Goodnight.

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