Thursday, March 27, 2014

Single Mom for 48 hours

I'm on my own again with the kids, as Mike is off on a ski trip with his students. The kids are all sleeping, and I was supposed to have a fabulous evening of working on my book, but I have been completely thwarted, and I'm feeling a little down. I am so close to being done my book, but there are so many tiny details that are preventing me from writing the ending. So instead of having a therapeutic evening of writing, all by myself, I have found myself researching those details and coming up empty, and therefore writing basically nothing. I hope it's not going to take me another year just to finish the first draft.

On a different note, tomorrow is Cody's last day of school before spring break. The other two had theirs today. I know a lot of moms dread spring break, because they get no break from their kids, but I am looking forward to it. A week of not having to drag myself out of bed before 7 a.m. to make lunches, pack school bags and whisper yell at my kid(s) to eat, get dressed, get their ski pants on, get out the door to the bus...etc. A week of no watching anxiously out my window to see whether Mike gets them down the driveway to the bus on time. Best of all, it means I have Mike home for a week with me, so I have back-up. I'm hoping for a nice family time, but we'll see.

Let me make a quick confession in here. I have always loved birthdays, but I am really bad at them. I am bad at getting cards in the mail on time to friends and family. And I am bad at planning birthday parties for my own kids. Cody's birthday is in five days, and I have nothing planned. He wants a huge party, but I just don't want every kid in his class and on his hockey team here. He wanted a skating party at the rink, but I think it is shut down now, so that's out. We tried to convince him to have a small party, with only three or four friends, but he can't decide who he would invite. So we are left with either just our little (big?) family, or all his cousins. He doesn't really seem pumped about either option. He wants his school friends, but again, he doesn't even know who to invite. I find the whole thing stressful, and I am heaped with guilt. Jamie has never had a party, and he told all his classmates (all five of them) that he would invite them all to his party. We are always barfing on his birthday, so he doesn't get parties. Poor kid. He thinks next year he will. We'll see. Micah doesn't care yet, and of course, Lauren doesn't either, but I really feel bad about Cody. I don't know what we will do yet, but I guess we'll see. I have tried to get Mike to help me figure out a plan, but I am not getting much assistance there.

Anyway, I'm getting stressed out now, and it's getting late. Just thought I'd check in, seeing I'm on my own here. (With a sick cat on antibiotics. Did I mention that?) I'm off to bed.

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Christy said...

I don't know if it's helpful or not, but we've always set 8 kids as our limits for kids. We've done everything from Ruckers, bowling, Pottery, Movie theatre away from home. At home we've done the pinatas in the backyard, twister, video game tournament parties, camping themed with 2 for a sleepover in a tent inside and scavenger hunts outside (candy the first time while it was light, watched a movie then sent them out with flashlights to play games like tag etc when it got dark). You can have easy food like hot dogs and chips or have make your own pizza, cupcake decorating or ice cream sundae making stations. If I want it to be shorter I aim for an hour to hour and half of games/activities, 1/2 hour to eat, 1/2 hour to open gifts and do final play before parents pick up. 2-3 hours total (usually what I do with groups of 6-8). I will make treat bags to give away at the end in paper bags with stickers, fun erasers, a food treat, funky pencils, little toy (lego minifigures/cars), or mini playdough tubs etc. Target is usually pretty good place to get stuff...look for multiples of things that can be split up between bags etc. Give me a call if you want....I've done a few of these over the years now ;) The first few are the most daunting and it truly gets easier as you go along.